Go Green From Garden to Table

Our green 'Community Garden Project' began in 2015 in the open space behind my old apartment complex in mid-town Palo Alto.  On a whim, myself and a few yoga friends set out to make use of the sunny land plot behind the apartment building offering to build a community vegetable farm!  It pays to ask... We've been growing year round crops with 100% support from the land owners ever since (I don't even live there anymore).  

This year during our harvest seasons I'll be hosting quarterly garden-to-table community dinners with our crops. We are also looking to expand our garden this year and so we must expand our team of 'green thumbers.'

 If you live in the Palo Alto area and have interest in gardening (or learning about gardening), or if you love plant-based whole foods, or if you want to support the idea of sustainable living and or if you are simply looking for conscious community, then please message me now (using the form below) to get involved.  We could use your help!  We simply ask for a $100 donation to buy into our garden project and help support it's growth.  

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Eat Green Community Gardens

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Palo Alto, CA, 94306